According to recent research, mobile advertising in the U.S. will expand to a billion-dollar business in 2011, nearly a third of the predicted global mobile advertising market. By 2014, it has been projected that the U.S. market will more than double in size, reaching $2.5 billion!

U.S. Telephone carriers calculated that U.S. smartphone users reached 60.2 million by year-end 2010, increasing by nearly 50 percent from 2009. This year is expected to see continued growth, with smart phone users projected to reach 73.3 million by the end of 2011. This projected growth will have smart phone owners accounting for 23%of the mobile user population in 2011; by 2015, they will represent 43%. The rising popularity of smart phones will surely produce an increase of engaged consumers eager to use e-commerce mobile sites for their purchasing.

In hopes of tapping into the tablet gold rush, Phone manufacturers like Samsung, Blackberry, and HTC have all begun launching their own tablets to compete with the i Pad. U.S. Telephone carriers project that 24 million tablets will sell in 2011, with the i Pad’s overall share of the market dropping to 80%. This trend creates a new and important mobile marketing frontier for businesses to capitalize on.

Constant innovations and improvements are being made in mobile website and application design, making the user experience more engaging and simple. It will be pivotal to optimize your URL for mobile access, and to continually optimize your mobile site for speed, image rendering, and accessibility.  In other words, all of the traditional search engine optimization rules apply and become vitally important to follow.

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Text Marketing & Group SMS Messaging is an effective tool for mobile coupons, bulk notifications, event reminders, and more!







QR codes are fast becoming a powerful force in marketing, acting as a connector between the physical world and the web. People see a QR code, scan it, and are suddenly engaged in your message.






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